Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This survey was made to have an idea of what game format is the most used by people to play video games and to know what kind of gamer is the most common. Of course this is not the most accurate survey possible, but it gives an idea about this subject. To have the best idea possible I asked first what people have at home to play video games, but the way the question was formulated I saw that most of the people answered both of the choices. So I presume that some people love to play on computers and consoles. The second question was to know what type of console the people use. The lead goes to the Xbox of Microsoft Corporation and right behind in second place comes the Play Station 2 of Sony and in third positions the Nintendo game cube of Nintendo Corporation. Those, as suspected, are the most popular gaming portable platforms on the market. The third question is only for people who have computers and it was to know if people use most already built computers like those sold at Future Shop or if they build them from scratch to have the best pieces possible at the best price to have maximum performance for playing the most demanding games on the market. 72% of the people use an already built computer against 28% that built their own computer. For me that means that most of the people don’t really know much about computers and they certainly don’t use it much to play video games or at least not the most demanding ones.

The next 6 questions were really to know what kind of gamers they are and what their habits are: the types of game type they play, their favorite game and if they are like me, a game addict. So for the 4th question I ask what your most favorite game type is. The choices include R.P.G. (role playing game), strategy, simulation and shooters.

As we can see most of the people enjoy shooter games so we can interpret that it’s a fact that most people love violent games. After this people like strategy the most, so they love to put their brain in action. In last place comes R.P.G. and simulation maybe because they are the least interesting or maybe it’s because most of the people own a console and those types are the most common on those platforms.

After this, I asked how often people buy a game and 58% have never bought a video game so that means that there is a lot of cheating to get the games, or a lot answered the question at random.

My eighth question was how many hours per week they spend playing video game. Most of the people play between 1 and 12 hours a week. We can say it’s a reasonable time to spend for playing video games.

For the question 9 I asked if people play online games just to know if its becoming more popular because all new games or almost all can be played online with other people. So the answer is 52% play online games and 48% don’t so yes, online games are becoming more popular and its starting to take the lead.

For my final question I asked if people consider themselves game addicts. 68% do not consider themselves as game addicts. Most explained its because they don’t play much and they can easily do something else.

To conclude this report, most of the people who answered my survey love to play video games on a console maybe because its less expensive than a computer and you already know that you will be able to run the game without problems. This is not the fact on computer because the possibilities are enormous because of the fast development of computer technologies and the easy possibility to upgrade the computer. I saw that most of the people have already built computer so they don’t always have the power needed to run video games and maybe because they don’t really know about computer technologies they just know how to use it. Another thing that I saw is the most popular type of games are shooter games so that means that violence is present in our lives and we have some sort of attraction for it in video games for any good reason. And I saw that online video games are becoming popular maybe because they are more accessible and I think that gamers prefer to play against a real person than a computer and its logical because if you have a lot of experience in a video game, some people are able to predict the moves of the computer. To conclude, most of the people don’t consider themselves game addicts because they can easily stop playing and do something else or because they only play with their friends some time. To have a better idea I should have more questions and maybe for some of the questions I should put more possible answer. But in general am happy with the results.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What kind of gamer are you?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Montreal

My city is the biggest of the province of Quebec in Canada. I live in a small sector named Anjou. It’s in the northeast of the city .Its a quite peaceful place even if it’s in a big city. Montreal is a multi ethnic town. You can find so many different neighbourhood like the China town, little Italy, the gay Village, etc. In the city centre we have a underground shopping place that is pretty interesting to visit because you can find so many boutiques and if the weather is bad, no problem because you are under the city. With the subway you can go almost everywhere you want. We have a magnificent old port where in summer you can rent bicycles or roller blades or just walk on the dock. You can also take a ride through the Lachine Canal in a boat, on foot, on a bicycle or on roller blades. It’s a pretty place to go when there a nice day. Anyway there a lot more to do in Montreal. But those places I named are my favourites to spend some good times. So that’s it for my Montreal. I hope if you come one day you will have some fun.